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    Playful, full of curiosity...and sometimes this leads to trouble, but YooHoo always knows right from wrong.
    He can run at super speed leaving his friends with no chance of catching him!
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    Loves all the pretty and ‘bling-bling’ things in the world. She has a keen sense of hearing but this does sometimes mean she is kept awake at night by even the smallest sounds.
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    Careless and talkative, she is also a daydreamer.
    She has a great sense of smell and can pick up scents from far, far away.
    She brings hustle and bustle to Yootopia!
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    Genius in invention.
    Roodee can come up with everything in need.
    A bit far from covrageous, but he always supports and helps his friends in silence.
    However, there’s something else about Roodee! He has a dual personality in which he transforms like a Hulk when his glasses are taken off.
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    Always grumpy no matter what his friends do to cheer him up, he tends to look at the negative side and likes to pretend he knows everything.
    With great night vision, he can see well in the dark to guide his friends thought this makes him sensitive to bright lights and he even faints once in a while!
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    Big Boss
    Mr. Unknown. He’s a small snowman with hair covered all over his body, his loud voice & big shadow is more than enough to threaten Oops & Koops.
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    Oops & Coops
    “Skin-trouble-treatment-required” Crocodile brothers.
    Not that brilliant, but as strong as an ox.
    Their naive and silly hearts always seem to get them in trouble.

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