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  • 1. What is YooHoo & Friends?

    YooHoo & Friends is a virtual world based upon characters created by Aurora World.
    The characters are based upon real animals in their natural habitat all over the world.
    Some of them are endangered and children will be able to learn about each animal.
    Children will be able to play games and watch YooHoo & Friends animations.
    YooHoo & Friends are the furry, fun-filled characters created based upon “rare and endangered animals” in their natural habitats from all over the world to deliver the awakening message on the nature protection. Since its launch in 2007, YooHoo & Friends have been one of the hottest “must-have” toys capturing all the generations around the world.
    These big-eyed, colorful bushy tailed creatures have been distributed worldwide via a wide variety of retailers, toy stores, gift chains such as Hallmarks, Claire’s etc., hospital gift shops, fine florists, candy stores, gift/stationery stores etc.
    Also, these have been showcased at Hamleys, world-famous toy department store in London as well as Harrods, the holder of royal warrants with a history of 250 years in London.
    Once you see YooHoo & Friends, you just simply cannot resist their looks and feelings.
    New animals added every year!
    WHO IS IT FOR? YooHoo & Friends is designed for 5-12 year olds, but certainly appeals to all ages. YOUR CHILD SAFETY? YooHoo & Friends is committed to creating a safe online environment.
    As stated in our PRIVACY STATEMENT, we collect very limited information and do not make that information available to third parties.
    Your child should never give out personal information such as his/her real name, age, location, or phone number to any third party.
    Your child should not share is his/her password with anyone(except parent or legal guardian).
    Your child should further be encouraged to report to the parents regarding anything on the internet that makes him/her uncomfortable.

  • 2. What are Greens and how do I get them?

    Green is the unit of online point that players earn using various content in the YooHoo website. These Green are then traded in for YooHoo Stickers.
    There are many ways to save Greens on!

    1) When you register as a member of YooHoo website, 100 Greens are saved.
    2) Each day that you log into the website, 2 Greens are saved.
    3) When you watch one animation video, 2 Greens are saved.
    4) When you download content off the YooHoo & Friends website, 2 Greens are saved.
    5) When you earn 200 points while playing games, 1 Green is saved.
    6) When you click "I like this character" on the character bios, 2 Greens are saved.
    7) When you write one comment, 2 Greens are saved.

  • 3. What are YooHoo stickers and how do I get them?

    Once 20 stickers are collected you can redeem these for a FREE gift from Aurora World.
    The free gift is a soft toy from the YooHoo & Friends plush collection.
    Once you have redeemed your Stickers Aurora World will send you your Free Gift.

  • 4. How to win a free YooHoo & Friends Toy

    Once 20 stickers are collected you are able to redeem your Gift of Green.
    Gift of Green is a collection of this season’s YooHoo & Friends plush.
    Once you choose your Gift of Green Aurora World Inc. will mail your free
    YooHoo & Friends Toy!

    For your information,
    We are sorry that free products are only available to North/South America and Europe.

  • 5. How to convert Greens to YooHoo Sticker

    You can change your green to YooHoo sticker, if you have saved more than 200 Greens.
    You can insert multiple of of 200 Greens. One Yoohoo Sticker is same 200 Greens.

    >> Go to convert my Greens to YooHoo Sticker

  • 6. Account Questions

    1) How can I sign up?
    You can become a member by registering from the Home Page. Click "New Member".
    Then follow the instructions and complete the registration information.
    2) How do I edit my membership?
    You can change your membership by editing your information on the My Page.
    3) How can I change my password or user name?
    You can change your password on "My Page", but you can't change your User Name.
    4) I forgot my password!
    Click on Login located towards the top of the homepage. Then click the “Forget your Password” link located below the login box. You can find your password by inputting your User Name, email address.
    5) I forgot my user name!
    Click on Login located towards the top of the homepage. Then click the “Forget your User Name” link located below the login box. You can find your username by inputting your first name and email address.
    6) How do I purchase YooHoo & Friends plush?
    Click on "Shop" to go to our online store or find a local retailer near you.
    7) I did not receive an email with verification code. What do I do?
    Please check your spam mail to see if you have received an email from If not, please contact us at

  • 7. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    I CAN’T GET THE GAMES TO WORK ON YOOHOO&FRIENDS WEBSITE 1) Please turn off the pop-up blocker under Tools menu.
    2) You need to have Flash Player.
    If you don't have it or need to update it, please download the most recent version at the following website: Flash Player Download GAME SPEED IS GETTING TOO SLOW! This could be caused by many different factors. Please check or try the following:
    1) If you have any other websites, windows or tabs open, please close them.
    2) We may be experiencing a temporary surge in traffic.
    Please try visiting our website again in a few minutes.
    3) Please try visiting the site from another computer.
    The particular specifications, preference setting or set up of your computer may be causing the slow down.

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