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Trouble-making Red Squirrel



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  1. Gender : Female
  2. Homeland : London in England
  3. Origin : Red Squirrel

Hi, my name is Chewoo. Nice to meet you! I am very outgoing and positive, so I have a lot of friends. I am good at sports, especially running, jumping and swimming. Come and join me. Let’s have some fun!


Red Squirrel - A Friendly rodent

Squirrels are rodents. Squirrels are found largely free on trees or on parks. Squirrels eat a wide variety of plant food. Squirrels chew on various objects to prevent their teeth from over-growth. Squirrels are friends of children being shown in many children’s books.



I have a palitel expander. Dose anyone know what that is?



I have a chewoo clip on she is so very cute! I got her at a science center! My sister got lemmie and my other sis got shooga!


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